As Christians, let’s reflect on a question prompted by Pastor Tommy Stapleton’s recent sermon: What is our purpose in attending the burial (Celebration of Life and Times) of Pastor Billy Joseph? Each of us has come here with a purpose in mind, and it’s important to consider what we seek as we gather together.

Text: Job 8:5, Deuteronomy 11:22, Song of Solomon 3:2, Psalms 42:79

While reflecting on this sermon, it’s crucial to recognize that there’s a deeper significance beyond the funeral arrangements and programs we’ve organized. Are we here solely to pay our final respects to Pastor Billy, or do we aspire to discover something more profound? Are we seeking a person or material prosperity? I leave it to each of us to ponder and answer. Our existence should be oriented towards something greater than the transient aspects of this world. Simply paying respects to Pastor Billy won’t guarantee entry into heaven; he would likely desire us to pursue a deeper connection beyond this temporal realm and embrace the life offered in Christ Jesus. (Amen)

Let’s take a brief journey to Job chapter 8, where Bildad, one of Job’s friends, sought to offer him comfort—an admirable gesture. However, Job’s focus transcended his friend’s efforts. He grasped the truth that true comfort cannot be found in any human being; it can only come from the greatest man to walk the earth, Jesus Christ. Therefore, when we seek, we must seek beyond mere human comforts. Seeking involves both resorting to and searching for something, and it also entails discovery. Are we here merely to find solace, or are we here to seek in the truest sense? Pastor Billy would undoubtedly want us to pursue what he sought in life—something beyond the confines of this earthly realm.

We gather here to pursue the word of God, a pursuit of utmost significance—one that can provide direction and earn commendation from God Himself. However, how exactly do we approach this pursuit? Brethren, seeking cannot be done at our convenience; it requires commitment. We seek on our knees, amidst challenges, and especially when our lives lack direction. Our seeking must be grounded in the word of God, as His word serves as the ultimate guide in our quest.

Are we seeking worldly desires such as popularity or wealth, or are we seeking a profound spiritual renewal? We require a deep-seated transformation that qualifies us for heaven, and this pursuit cannot be sporadic; it must be a daily endeavor. Whether in our cars or in our private moments, we seek God through His word sincerely, devoid of hypocrisy, for before God, we stand transparent, and He discerns our sincerity, longing for genuine seekers.

To collaborate with God requires steadfastness and perseverance—an endeavor marked by a profound calling unto the depths of our souls and anchored in faith. As Hebrews 11:1 reminds us, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The emphasis lies on the unseen. How then do we gain sight? Through seeking. No one can see through another’s eyes; each must embark on their own journey of seeking diligently the face of God, inviting His presence to manifest in our midst.

Do we seek God before retiring for the night, or do we spend our time watching television before bed? The choice rests with each of us, for we will all give an account of how we utilized the word of God in our lives. The same accountability faced the disciples of Jesus Christ. Were they merely accompanying Him for material gains, or were they seeking to unearth profound truths in their lives? Their fruits provide the answer. It is incumbent upon us to choose our path wisely. Today, we must emulate the spiritual discipleship of the early church, continuously breaking bread and delving into self-discovery, for Christ desires to utilize us for His divine purpose.

Walking alongside Christ is not without its trials and tribulations. However, the God we serve encompasses all our physical needs and, in times of spiritual drought, expects us to seek Him fervently for revival. Regrettably, the modern church has veered from the path of seeking God earnestly. Yet, the Christ we serve never shuts the door, patiently awaiting our invitation to fill us with His presence.

As we conclude our reflection, the pivotal question remains: What shall we do now? Are we prepared to seek the Lord beyond superficial activities? Are we willing to invite Christ into the depths of our hearts and become part of His family? The decision lies in our hands—to determine what we seek and how we seek God.