Hello friends, welcome again to our newest sermon review, we believe this will bless you as usual. Today, we took our bible reading today from the book of revelation 8:1, expounding on the seventh seal and its event. First, we need to establish that the seventh seal is not, fulfilled, revealed, or opened opposed to what some sects in the message claim; a progressive read from revelation 6:1-17 gave instances where the first six seals were opened, and nothing about the 7th seal was projected and this is because it contains the 7 thunders, and we must know that the 7 thunder has nothing to do with the Jews, instead the gentile is sole players here because it is an event that will transform the gentile before the rapture.

Text: Revelation 8:1, Revelation 6:1-17, Revelation 5:1, Genesis 2:9, Genesis 3:1, Revelation 4:1

And that is why in our previous series we have been able to establish that before the 7 thunders manifest, the fivefold ministry must have led the church towards perfection, and it’s not any man that will define this perfecting time or perfection, anyone claiming this emits nothing but pride. Brethren we need to know that there is a reason why God decided not to reveal the content of the seventh seal. We have people raising a contention that if the 7th seal were not broken or revealed by God, then brother Branham wouldn’t have seen anything, and this is because they are interpreting the word of God using human understanding, comparing the seal in the book of revelation with our humankind of seal. Anyone using human knowledge to interpret the book of revelation will always miss it.

The seal in context, with God, it’s not a natural book with authentication or a watermark, but a secret that God chose to reveal, it’s a spiritual thing with God and cannot be compared with the worldly kind of seal. You need to know that the book that contains the 7 seals is what Adam lost in the garden of Eden, and if God had not sent the Lord Jesus Christ to retrieve this book on our behalf we would have been lost forever (Revelation 5:1 – End). Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ for redemption, he was the only one without sin worthy to open the book of redemption. Your salvation is more than anything, make sure not to gamble it, if not you’ll regret your life spent here on earth.

We can take a journey to Genesis chapters 1, 2, and 3 to study how Adam lost the title deed of this earth by the act of fornication introduced to him by the woman. You can check our previous posts on this explanation. This act led him to lose the title deed and it went back to the original owner in Revelation 5:1 (God), then it was left for someone to come claim it back and that was what our Lord Jesus Christ came to claim – you need to ask why God had to go through all this process for redemption? It is because God is a God that follows due process, blood brought sin and blood had to remit sin, and not just any blood it has to be perfect blood, and that we saw with the blood of Christ. And Christ brought to us restoration, his blood brought us back to our position. (What a blessing)

So, brethren, we just gave a background of why the opening of book that contains the 7 seals had to be opened by Christ, and why the revelation of the same was revealed to brother Branham for our understanding. Saint of God let us appreciate What Christ came to do for us. He has come to justify us from our past and we are set free from the bondage of sin (Hallelujah) – Appreciate your salvation.

Stay tuned with our subsequent reviews as we seek to expound more on the revelation of the seven seals.