It’s a great privilege to have God gather us once again in his presence. And he does this to always bless us. Today we’ll be reviewing our newest teaching title “The Man Abraham” as you go through this instilling topic about the life of Abraham, I pray the lord open our heart help us pick impactful lessons to apply to our lives.

Who is Abraham?

Abraham is a great man in the sight of God and even one of the great men in the history of the bible. A dipper look into his life is what we can study in the book of Genesis, and the book of genesis is a unique chapter of the bible that has everything we see on the earth today, its uniqueness is that it has the root of everything we see concluding in the book of revelation, a quick run through the book of Genesis, we can see a Noah, Enoch, Abel, Nimrod, all these have one or two things we have to learn from, all these are people we can ask if our life reflect what they did or stood for as described in the book Genesis – Are you a Nimrod who has no regards for God, or Are you a Noah who stood with God by Faith?. And that’s the chapter we’ll approach as we seek to understand the man, Abraham.

The journey of Abraham was not started by him, his father was the brain behind it, and God took things over by separating Abraham from his family, this goes to tell us that in Abraham we can see the following

  • Predestination
  • Election
  • The Grace of God
  • Faith
  • The Righteousness of God

Tera in this picture is a type of denomination Churches which all of us came out from, they assume themselves to be in God’s plan, God’s doctrine but they are far away from God’s definition of faith and are spiritually dead, because they have separated themselves from the true word of God embracing three Godhead doctrine, women mounting pulpit to preach and all sorts. It took God to separate us from their falsehood just like he did with Abraham. Brethren it has nothing to do with our gifts, or religious activities, even Cain had had an altar to make sacrifices to God -But what was his Sacrifice? Was it an acceptable one? if you are not in the apostolic standard of what God has given the church you are spiritually alienated from God. Separation is a key factor for all who came to Christ, separation from denominationalism into the message of the hour (Malachi 4:5&6b), practically a separation from Tera (The worldly system and it religious decay). Abraham went through this process and mind you it was not smooth, so don’t just sit there claiming the blessings of Abraham, there were work done by him.

We have Christian who find it difficult to do away with tribalism and its practices and such people are bold to call themselves seeds of Abraham. this can’t work. Our calling out of the world is with a price, if you can’t pay it, you can make it. You must come out of your kindred, come out of your people, come out of your unbelief and pay the price. You can’t dress like the world again, you just can’t act like they do again because you have been called into separation from your will, and if you want God to own you, you must deliberately come out of yourself.

Do you think God made the process of separation easy for Abraham? And example is you relocating from your current location to another place with a destination, how do you think that will be, smooth?

Spiritual Ingredient Found in Abraham

Brethren when God want to use men, he calls them out of the burden of the Egyptians, and “burden of the Egyptians” in the context are all the activities of this world which we need to find rest from, and this rest is in Christ Jesus, and that was exactly what God did for Abraham.

  1. Election

You will agree that Abraham didn’t start the journey all by himself, he was with family members, people who were close, there was a brother Lot who also was with his own family, but one thing God did was to bring about total separation from all excesses, so he can have only Abraham to himself, and this is why we also were separated from friends and family to be dining only with God by his world, because it’s a nature of God to have his people separated for him and him alone. You didn’t attain this by your work (at all !!) this is the pure definition of God’s love over our lives, and that’s why if we don’t appreciate the love of God towards us, he won’t be happy. If God so love us and elected us amid thousands of people and we are still daledalin with demons he won’t’ be happy with that.

If think about how God separated you from your worldly friends, especially what you do together in sin you’ll see that you can’t fathom it, the mystery behind this is Election, God hand picking you to be a part of him because there is something inside of you deposited by him and that’s your peculiarity, so you should not look down on yourself.

What did Abraham do that God elected him and left the rest?

Here is the reason:

Inside Abraham, there was something in Abraham that God deposited in him, it is called “The Seed of God’ and that’s what you have inside of you too, so it’s not as if God is clueless about where he kept his property, he knows where he planted his seed, when it was time to harvest he went to the heap that has Abraham and brought him out, he went to our own heap too and brought us out – There is a seed in us, and that’s why the devil is fighting us, he know what we carry, it is you and I that still looks confuse about who we are, but I tell you the devil will not overcome you provided we did not leave God just like Abraham embraced God till death.

Ephesians 1:4 – Explains the perfect work of election. God has foreknown us before the foundation of world and has called us to himself before we were born, so even when you were lost in sin, there was something in you that God has in you that made you responded to God’s call, he didn’t care your past mistakes, what matters was to call you out of your mess and give us his eternal rest.

Therefore, brethren forget about the past, but don’t repeat the life of your past, if you repeat the same past sin, it shows you have not really come out of the world, THE FUTURE IS where you should look into. How you can respond to God’s love of election

I pray God grant us grace.