In this world we have different types of burials most especially among the wealthy ones, they like to exhibit their money in their burial, we even have people prepare their burial ground before dying. But I tell you sir/ma no matter how they construct your grave on earth, or how much was spent on the day of your burial that does not give you honor. If you need to have a honorable burial, you must have acquired your burial ground, and that ground is hidden to the world.

Text: 2chronicle 32:27, Romans 6:1, Revelation 20:6, Revelation 14:30

An example of someone who could not acquire this hidden burial ground is the rich man in Mark 10:17 – 22, he had virtually everything a man can think of on earth, even the scriptures emphasized on the height of his wealth, but when the proposition was made to him on how to acquire for himself the best burial ground for. The honorable one, he couldn’t afford it despite his riches. He could not buy a slot by just selling all he had, give to the poor, and follow Christ.

Spiritually speaking the rich man died a wretched man, but to the world his death must have been a wonderful one, even I’m sure his burial ceremony would include a nice tribute and activities, but to God his death was a lost. This goes to tell us why we need to die on the right faith, not the faith of one general overseer, it must be the faith of the bible.

We can pick our example from the man Job. He understood the necessity to acquire for himself the best burial ground to live after this ephemeral world, he knew there was more to just dying, there’s life after death and that’s why he didn’t allow anything distract him from his lively hope not even his wife, sickness, or friend could do that.

Job died holding to that hope of resurrection, and this acquired for him a burial ground for honorable people. The burial ground of the most honorable is nothing but your FAITH, not any kind of FAITH, but the FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are dead in Adam drove to divers’ lusts, but when we heard the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ we were raised from dead to life.

If you think funeral services made for men makes them honorable, then what do you think about the martyrs of faith? – scriptures say many of them were torn by lions, sawed into two with no befitting burial but they had the best burial ground and that is to die in the right FAITH. You too can acquire your own burial ground today; all you must do is accept the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and this gospel requires you to be baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that’s when you start a walk with God.

If you want to be in the burial ground of the most honorable ones, it’s not something hard, all you need do is examine your faith today, examine what you carry. If your faith is anti-scripture, if your faith allows women on the pulpit, then your faith is against the faith of the son of God, and you cannot rest in peace. Not everyone is resting in peace because their death was on the wrong faith.

What will be your excuse when Christ calls for you, what will you give in exchange for your soul if God comes for you? Please let us allow the word of God to do the expected work in our lives and our end will be remarkable