If you don’t have the word of God dwelling in you, in the day of challenge, you will have no weapon. So, every time we spend with the word of God, we should value it to receive the word into our hearts.

TEXT: Daniel 7:2-7, Daniel 2:31-33, Revelation 13:1, Act 17:22-23, Revelation 17:1-3, 1Corinthians 12:13, Revelation 17:11, 1Peter 2:9, Jeremiah 51:6-29, Daniel 2:32, 1John 2:18, Daniel 2:41, Revelation 4:6, Ezekiel 1:5, Daniel 4:15, Revelation 17:16, Revelation 17:11-17

The four beast of Daniel 7:2-7 correspond with the four divisions Daniel saw in Daniel 2:31. Also, Daniel 7:7 and Revelation 13:1 is referring to the same beast, which is the Roman Empire.

Revelation 17:1-3: the woman (whore) is the church (denomination; Roman Catholic Church); the beast is the Roman Empire.

Rome is operating in the spirit of Babylon, and that is why the bible refers to her as ‘’mystery, Babylon the great’’.There is a spirit behind everything. The anti-Christ spirit has been since Genesis, and is now operating in the Catholic Church. But just like the Roman Catholic Church received a deadly wound as though she wasn’t going to rise again; so also was the Roman Empire was shut down, but as the Bible said that she is going to ascend, she indeed has ascended (she is the richest in the church world).

 The bible prophesied about the Anti-Christ which shall rise when the bride has gone in rapture, but also before that time, anti-christs will rise with the same spirit, and that is the spirit we see today in our denominational church leaders who preach creeds and dogmas, and forsake the doctrine of the apostles of the Bible. The real Anti-Christ will, however, rise from the Roman Catholic Church.

Babylon has been an instrument of evil. God used her to chastise the Israelites when they sinned against him. There is the physical Babylon and the spiritual Babylon. The physical Babylon has been destroyed, as was prophesied in Jeremiah 51, while the spiritual Babylon is still on, she also is going to be judged.

The ten horns(Revelations 13:1) are the ten kingdoms (nation) that started the European Union. These countries that connived are the beasts that carry the woman (Roman Catholic Church.)

John, in his revelation about the beasts, he saw two beasts; the nation of America was seen as another beast, she wasn’t part of the four different empires. She was, however, prophesied to exercise the power of the first beast which is the Roman Empire.

The ten horns(nations that started the European Union) who are presently the beast that carry the woman, will later turn their backs against the great whore and shall make her desolate. This will be the end of the great whore. Brothers, the word of God will be fulfilled and nothing will change it, all that is happening in the world is a fulfillment of the word of God. And as wise virgins, you need to walk in the timing of God and in the light of his word. Stay focused on God and be ready to meet him in the air one sweet day.