Last week we started a series titled “Israel and the Church” where we introduce a few of the things the Holy Spirit will be taking us through. We started by reviewing the mind of God towards mankind, he wanted a family to himself but in between there was a disruption that outlined a new process to this. We also introduce the beginning of this disruption in the Garden of Eden, explaining what transpired between Eve, the serpent, and Adam. Feel free to review our previous post if you missed it.

Text: Genesis 1:1 – 3, Revelation 22:2, I Peter 5:8, Genesis 3: Genesis 2:16, Genesis 4:25

Today, we want to talk about the “Tree of Life” that God restricted Adam and Eve from accessing. Last we talked briefly about it, but today we’ll be buttressing what the Tree of Life is, what it represents, and who the Tree of Life is. You’ll agree with me that when God recreated the earth after the first destruction of the first world (The world of Angels) in Genesis 1:3 – 31, there’s no verse where it was highlighted that God created the tree of life and the tree of evil and good knowledge. What God created as regards consumable trees was stated in Genesis 2:9a, it has nothing with the two mystical trees (Tree of Life and Tree of Evil and Good Knowledge). We should also know that these two trees are not physical neither are they spirits (Angels), so what are they? Because they were so important that God had to give them a condition of what would happen if they consumed it. More reason why we should be curious to know those two trees.

Where Did the Tree of Life and Tree of Evil and Good Knowledge Come From?

The tree of life and the tree of evil and good knowledge were not created and yet they exist. Brethren, these two trees were a determinant factor for their stay in the garden, their attitude towards those two trees was either going to keep them in the garden or evacuate them from God’s presence. We should be curious to know what they were, right? why will God instruct them not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but for others, they are good to go? (Genesis 2:16) Brethren, there is no reason other than the fact that the tree was the Law of God, it’s God’s commandment. And these were the commandments governing the Garden of Eden.

These two trees are entirely different from each other. The tree of life was right there in eternity before time – and the same does not hold for the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Brothers and sisters, we have a role to play, and we have obedient to display as we journey with God, because God tests his chosen children, and that’s why when God created Adam and Eve in the garden, he had to put the devil alongside to test their obedience. See, God will not destroy that immoral person in your office or area, no matter how much you pray, because the person is an instrument of test against you. – we all will be tested like it or not.!!

So those two trees can be described as two laws that are fighting to win over anyone living in the Garden of Eden. This is also a type of what we are made up of (Flesh and spirit), this two-entity war against each other in a man, the one you give an audience to rule your life and you cannot allow the flesh to rule your life, we are meant to keep building the spirit man and not gratify the desires of the flesh. (Amen)

What is the Tree of Life?

The tree of life is nothing but the word of God. It’s God’s commandment governing the garden. In the beginning, was the word and the word with God, and the word was God (John 1:1). God established a sustenance source in the garden for them to pattern their life in, the same way he has given us the Tree of Life which is the word of God to direct our path. Are we still where he kept us, or we have lost of state?

Two Scriptures That Look Conflicting (Genesis 3:1-3 vs. Genesis 3:6)

To explain these scriptures, we need to read through Genesis 4:1 and ask the question “When did Adam know his wife and how many times did the bible record this event? What was the outcome of Adam knowing (being intimate) his wife?  And how does this correlate with God making himself a family?” first we need to understand that Genesis chapter 4 was a summary of what happened in Genesis chapter 3 vs. 6, so what really happened in Genesis chapter 3?

Brethren it is nothing but an intimate act; first between the serpent and Eve, which resulted in Eve introducing the same to her husband. This act brought forth two seeds (Cain and Abel). One was for the serpent and the other was for Adam. Note that both seeds were entirely different, one was from the devil because the devil possessed the serpent to deceive Eve, and the other was of the linage of God and that is why Cain killed Abel, because he was a seed of the serpent, he had the nature and inbuilt of the devil., so he had to exhibit that.

Now the death of Abel went contrary to the plan of God, and the plan was to maintain a family unto himself that will dominate the earth. Adam had to know his wife the second time to bring forth Seth because Cain was not from God and a family cannot be built with the wrong seed.(Amen) Remember that when God was cursing them after the sin in the garden, he said “I will put enmity between thy seed and that of the serpent”, and this enmity started right there in the garden which led to Cain killing Abel, it took God another intimate process between Adam and Eve to bring forth Seth to continue his family here on earth, Cain was of the family of the devil while Seth was of the family of God and that is why we have two lineages of human being here on earth. Because of this mixture, it is very important to earnestly pray before getting married as a believer, if not you might end up marrying the seed of the devil.

The seeds of the devil are full of deceptions and don’t forget they are also religious, just like Cain, he also brought an offering to God, but he was not ready to do it the right way and this is because what is in him cannot respond to the right thing. Brethren it is important we appreciate what Christ had come to do at the cross for us, He came to cause separation between the two seeds by Christ who is the word of God, and we should be glad we are part of God’s family.

So, a clearer understanding is achieved, if we can see that the act the bible defined in Genesis 3:1 – 3 vs. Genesis 3:6 is more of an intimacy between Adam, Eve, and the serpent and not just eating a literal apple.

Join us next week as we expound on the two kinds of seeds here on Earth.

God Bless You.