What is a mirror?

Mirror is an important tool in human life most especially women, because it helps in knowing one’s status in terms of dressing and so many things around our physical appearances. When you look at a mirror it reflects yourself to you. It’s never a tool for decoration, rather, it’s a tool to correct our mistakes in our appearances, and if you are a serious person, when you see your lapses in the mirror you are supposed to correct them. Mirror to a lot of people today is not useful, because they have refused to receive directives from what it shows to them, and that’s the clear explanation the book of James was pointing out. – For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass, For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was. (James 1:22-24)

Text: James 1:22 -24, 2 Corinthians 3:18, John 1:1, Psalms 119:89, I Timothy 1:16, John 1:18, Exodus 33:20, I John 3:11, John 4:4-8,

Brethren, religious services will not take you to heaven, rather it will reward you if you make heaven, what will take you to heaven is when you are a doer of the word. It’s a pity today, that what we see people invest their energy in is religious activities and are not ready to correct their lives. When your mirror reflects what you look like to you, what is your response to what you saw? do we make adjustments especially when what we saw is not too okay? – I leave us to answer this.

Our concern today is our attitude towards the mirror of God which is the word of God (Bible). When a sincere believer looks at himself in the mirror of God (Bible), he or she will surely see something to correct, it is a fool who gets himself a mirror and chooses not to use it. The same thing goes for a Christian who has chosen not to use the mirror of God to correct his/her spiritual appearance.

It is the bible that can show you who you are, of cos you can pretend, but an original mirror cannot be deceptive, it will bring to your focus who you are exactly, and that’s is why you cannot compare the bible with any kind of book, it is a book that reflects the exact nature of God through several characters in the bible. you are either reflecting any of those nature or the other way round. – Do the check yourself. Talking about God’s nature as a forgiver, a lover, a father, and several attributes of God, you can always see that in the mirror of God (Bible). So also, who you are, reflects directly in the mirror of God, because you’ll surely see someone you resemble right there in the bible either to the good side or to the bad side.

If you are a fornicator, a backbiter, a dupe, or you possess other evil attributes and character, all these things cannot be hidden in the mirror of God. you reflect who you are in the bible. Who are you reflecting? Are you reflecting God or reflecting the devil? We need to find ourselves in the mirror of God’s word, who exactly are we in the mirror of God’s word? Are you a true believer or a cheat?

You’ll always see your look-alike (partner) in the bible as either to the positive or negative, no one sits on the fence, and you are either black or white when you check yourself in the mirror of God. The mirror of God through humans reflects two natures – The nature of God or the nature of the devil, we can also say it reflects two characters – God’s character or the devil’s character. Where do you belong?

Right from Genesis, God has always reflected his nature through people; people who gave themselves to him in totality, the same way the devil exhibits this by possessing people to reflect his evil characters – who is currently in possession of your life? The devil or God? The mirror of God can help you answer this question.

The only mirror given to any believer to change his or her character is the word of God, what we ought to reflect is the character of God, when you check yourself by the word of God and you see something different, I urge you to fix your appearance immediately, failure to do this is an express route to hell. If you are the type of person with anger issues, a lusting spirit, deceptive attitude this is the time to fix your appearances by the word of God. There is no point deceiving yourself, trust me it’s not worth the stress, we need to come out open to see our lapses in the mirror of God and be ready to correct them.

No matter your background or how deep you have gone into sin, God is ready to possess you, if only you can be sincere. Here is the call my brother or sister reading, are you standing right in the mirror of God, are there things you need to correct? Brother do not hesitate to respond to God’s call at this moment. I pray as you check yourself in the mirror of God’s word, we’ll not just see but act on the thing we need to correct.

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